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Jonas “Facile”

Hi, my name is Jonas aka “Facile” from Germany. I started playing competitively in 2017 when I qualified for the 2017 EU Regionals at Gamescom Cologne. Being quite active on the ladder I’ve earned lots of R1 titles and have been the highest rated hunter in Legion. I’m really looking forward to compete with such an experienced roster and I think we have great potential as a team.

Dylan “Cassidi”

Hey my name is Dylan also know as Cassidy in game. I live in France. I am 23 years old , and i play world of warcraft since Burned Crusade.I main druid feral since the end of the Cataclysm extention. I have earned a lot of rank 1 Titles and being part of the highest -ranked teams on the ladder for several Seasons. I started to be a competitive player in 2017 when i qualified for my first Lan in Germany at the GameScom. I’m realy glad to compete with nLite this year.

Mathias “Zunniyaki”

Hey guys, my name is Mathias “Zunniyaki”, I live in France and have been playing wow since 2004! I competed in my first tournament in 2011, and have actively been playing at the top level since then. I’m a very competitive and tryhard player who loves to push himself to it’s limits. My most notable achievements are winning the 2012, 2013, and 2016 EU Regionals, aswell as reaching 2nd place three consecutives years at BlizzCon 2012,2013,2014.

Max “Cara”

Hey my name is Max also known as Cara in game. Currently living in souht of France close to Italy.I’ve been palying World of Warcraft since Burning crusade and always loved the comptetitiv aspect of the game. I’ve been participating to multiples lans,tournaments and even won a few of them. Biggest result so far is Winning Blizzcon 2017 with the team ABC. I’m really looking forward this year to compete for Nlite. I’ll do everything to mae the best result possible this season.

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